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3-16 Player Rag-doll Party-Shooter

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social deception brought to the next level

Proximity voice chat, unique visuals, a variaty of map locations, and never before seen traitor weapons. Betrayed brings all the fun of social deception games without any of the annoying setup process.

The easiest it has ever been!

BETRAYED is ready to go without any complicated setup.
Weather you are setting up a quick game with your friends or a big round for your streaming community.

All you have to do: Open a lobby!

Right away others will be able to join while you can click & pick from the endless customization options for each game.

You are the master of the game. Customize the length of rounds, map selection, traitor tools, additional roles, proximity or global voice chat and so much more to make each game your own.

With everyone in the lobby getting live updates on the settings you will be able to discuss with others what settings to pick and have everyone on the same page.

"The Office"

"High Noon"

What's so great about it?

Proximity Voice chat

Finally: No more Discord session and manual muting / un-muting during games. Betrayed includes the option to use a global or proximity based voice chat within the game. Killed players are automatically muted for other players and can continue to talk in a dedicated “dead player” channel.

Custom yet simple

No complicated server settings or file editing. Anyone can start a game right from the main menu! And yet you don’t lose the freedom to customize each game to your needs.

Betrayed gives you detailed settings for everything you need: Included maps and traitor tools, round length, roles, voice chat and so much more. Make each game unique and just the way you like it!

Individual Characters

And custom does not stop at the game itself. Use our integrated character customizer to create unique characters that fit your personality making the game even more fun and unique. We are excited to continue adding items to our customizer and see what you will use the currently 94 mio. combination variations for.

Excited for Betrayed?

We got good news if you can't wait to play BETRAYED.
You can apply for Beta access and play test right now!

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